Exercises for Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures I


  • You can pick up old homework sheets on Monday, Feb. 10, 14-15 in room 03.09.043.
  • Solution 14 has been published.

General Information:

  • Teaching Assistant:

    Richard Stotz
  • Office Hours:

    By appointment
  • Exam

    Exam DateTimeRoomsExam Review
    Final exam27.02.202016:00-18:30MW2001TBD
    Repeat exam08.04.202016:00-18:30Interims 1TBD

    You are allowed to bring one A4 sheet to the exam containing handwritten notes (no printouts or photocopies allowed). In case you do bring such a sheet, you must write your matriculation number and full name very clearly at the top right of the sheet.

    Note that if you use a photocopied or printed sheet, it will be considered a cheating attempt.

    You are allowed to bring a standard german-english or english-english dictionary. There must be no handwritten notes in the dictionary.

  • Place and Time:

    GroupTimeRoom TutorComment
    A01Mo. 12:00 - 14:00 00.08.038Stotz
    A02Mo. 12:00 - 14:00 00.09.038Guan
    A03Mo. 14:00 - 16:00 02.09.023Stotz
    B04Tue. 10:00 - 12:00 00.08.053Czerner
    B05Tue. 14:05 - 15:35 00.08.038Czerner
    C06Wed. 10:00 - 12:00 03.11.018Guan
    E07Fr. 12:00 - 14:00 00.13.009Stotz

    Tutorials start cum tempore, i.e. 15 minutes late, unless noted otherwise.

    If a tutorial is cancelled (Fachschaftsvollversammlung, Studentische Vollversammlung, public holidays), please attend another tutorial in the same week.

  • Submission of Solutions to Exercises:

    Exercises are posted on this webpage on Mondays. Solutions should be submitted in English by 10:15 on Monday of the following week, in the mailbox "Efficient Algorithms" on the basement floor in the MI-building.

    Solutions must be submitted in groups of 2-3 persons. Individual submissions are not allowed.

    Submissions must be handwritten by one member of the group. On each submission, you should also write the Matrikel No., name of each student and also write the number of the tutorial session which each person in the group attends. Please also indicate which member wrote the solution. Please use this cover sheet [PDF]. Without this information, we can not grade submissions.

    Each student in a group gets the same marks for the corresponding assignment. The corrected solutions can be collected the following week in the corresponding tutorial.

    Solutions will be discussed in the tutorial of the week when the sheet has been handed in, i.e, the sheet may not be graded by this time.

    Do not write with a pencil or red/green ink!

  • Bonus

    It is possible to obtain a bonus on the exam if
    • 50 % of the points are achieved on submissions 2 - 8, and
    • 50 % of the points are achieved on submissions 9 - 14, and
    • Each group member has written at least 3 solutions.

    Please note that copying solutions from fellow students or other sources is considered cheating and immediately excludes from the bonus. Please respect the Student Code of Conduct. (see also ASPO § 22)

    The bonus does count for the repeat exam.

Exercises and Solutions

Please use this cover sheet [PDF]

Sheet Date Tutorials Exercise sheet Solution Comment
1 Oct. 14, 2019 21.10. – 25.10. [PDF] [PDF] Tutorial exercises only
2 Oct. 21, 2019 28.10. – 1.11. [PDF] [PDF]
3 Oct. 28, 2019 4.11. – 8.11. [PDF] [PDF]
4 Nov. 4, 2019 11.11. – 15.11. [PDF] [PDF]
5 Nov. 11, 2019 18.11. – 22.11. [PDF] [PDF]
6 Nov. 18, 2019 25.11. – 29.11. [PDF] [PDF]
7 Nov. 25, 2019 2.12. – 6.12. [PDF] [PDF]
8 Dec. 2, 2019 9.12. – 13.12. [PDF] [PDF]
9 Dec. 9, 2019 16.12. – 20.12. [PDF] [PDF]
10 Dec. 16, 2019 7.1. – 10.1. [PDF] [PDF]
11 Jan. 7, 2019 13.1. – 17.1. [PDF] [PDF]
12 Jan. 13, 2020 20.1. – 24.1. [PDF] [PDF]
13 Jan. 20, 2020 27.1. – 31.1. [PDF] [PDF]
14 Jan. 27, 2020 3.2. – 7.2. [PDF] [PDF]

Previous Exams

The old exams only show you how an exam can look like. The contents of the course may have changed in the meantime. Proceed with caution.

We do not publish any model solutions for old exams.


June 2021: Leon Ladwig completed his doctoral degree.

February 2020: The Program Committee of SWAT 2020 is chaired by Susanne Albers.

February 2020: Susanne Albers is invited speaker at the ACM India Annual Event.

ESA/ALGO 2019 will be organized by Susanne Albers and her group.

May 2019: Susanne Albers is invited speaker at the symposium 50 Years Informatics

July 2019: Susanne Albers is invited speaker at SIROCCO 2019, Italy.

December 2017: Susanne Albers will give keynote address at the Graduation Day, Department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University.

April 2017: New Research Training Center AdONE, funded by the German Research Foundation.

Susanne Albers receives ERC Advanced Grant. Press release of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Sciences, Research and the Arts.

August 2016: Susanne Albers is keynote speaker at Euro-Par 2016, Grenoble.

Susanne Albers, Nicole Megow and Andreas S. Schulz will organize MAPSP 2017.

Juni 2016: Susanne Albers gives an invited lecture at the Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz.

September 2015: Susanne Albers is invited speaker at MPI-INF – 25th Anniversary. The program features several Turing Award winners, Leibniz Prize winners, Humboldt Prize winners and ERC Grant winners.

June 2015: Susanne Albers is keynote speaker at the 31st International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SOCG15), Eindhoven.

June 2015: Susanne Albers is invited speaker of the tutorial on Network Creation Games: How Does the Internet Form? organized by Erik D. Demaine (MIT) and MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi (University of Maryland). 16th Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC15), Portland, Oregon.

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